Summer Social Rounders: Peckham Rye - North vs. South of the River

An inclusive game(s) of social rounders in the sunshine (hopefully) - bring a picnic, BYOB and mates (if you want)

Peckham Rye Park & Common
SE15 3UA
Date and time
16:00 - 19:00
Saturday, 6th of July 2024

It's back and this time there's a score to settle!

Summer 2022 belonged to the Ninety Nine Problems, but a Northerner ain't one and last summer, the Southern Softies took back the crown. It's the classic: North vs. South of the river social rounders game coming on Saturday 6th of July.

Previously, it's been hosted at Clapham Common, but this year, it will be in Peckham Rye Park. Hopefully, the glorious British summer sunshine will be present to added to a nostalgic game of rounders.

Come along for a fun, but competitive game of rounders, invite your friends, meet other GG members from across London and bring a picnic of food and drinks.

Unlike previous years, there's only one rounders social this summer due to other commitments, so no "Home" and "Away" games.


  • What: Social Rounders (with picnic, BYOB and invite your non-GG mates)
  • Where: Peckham Rye Park (exact spot)
  • When: Saturday 6th of July from 16:00 - 19:00
  • Why: Enjoy an afternoon in the park, play rounders, eat, drink, meet GoodGymers from other areas and possibly get a sun tan (not promising anything). Importantly, have fun!

Don't know how to play?

Firstly, we welcome all! Just because there's a "North vs. South of the river" narrative, it's all for fun...or is it? If you haven't played before, not to worry, the majority of us have forgotten the rules, so the written rules are here and there is also a video. I'll explain the rules again on the day. In summary: it's a no-fuss version of Baseball.

Basic rules: We will be playing

  • You will be in one of two teams: Ninety Nine Problems, but a Northerner ain't one or Southern Softies
  • What team will you be in? If you are from an area north of the river, you'll be in Ninety Nine Problems, but a Northerner ain't one* and if you are from an area south of the river, you'll represent Southern Softies. We can "loan" players if it's uneven.
  • 10 players per team (minimum 6 and max 12). Thus, we need 12 sign ups as a minimum to go ahead!
  • Playing two innings per team. An innings ends when all team members are out!
  • The team fielding first - needs a pitcher (person throwing the ball), backstop (person behind the batter just in case they miss), players on each stump (x4) and the rest are fielders.
  • The team batting first - bats according to the roster. If you hit the ball forwards, you run. If the ball is between shoulder and knee height, you don't hit it and the umpire doesn't call a "no ball", you run! If you hit and the ball goes backwards and doesn't get caught, you can run to first base/stumps ONLY.
  • Play according to the umpire's decision and be respectful of their decision.
  • During your turn (hit or no hit), if you make it to the second or third stump, this gives your team a half a rounder (1/2) and another half (1/2) once you make it back home. If you make it all the way - full rounder (1).
  • The batting team's aim is to rack up as many rounders (points) before all players are caught or run out.
  • Once all batting players are caught or run out, the teams switch duties.
  • The fielding team now bats to beat the score the batting team put on the board.
  • The new fielding team need to get all players out before the new batting team beats their score or they go into the second innings catching up.
  • Each team has two chances at batting (two innings) and fielding to come up with their highest score to win and claim the title!

Can I still come if I can't make it for 16:00?

Have other commitments earlier or like to be fashionably late? That's fine. We will fit you into a team unless you come super late and the rounders is done then come still and stay for drinks in the park! The rounders should commence around 16:15.

Hope to see you there!

If you have any questions, please put it down in the "Discussion" below and I'll get to you ASAP. Otherwise, you can email me at

Who's going

  • Lobo
  • Hounslow runner
  • Geraldine Mace
  • Katy Hulm
  • Catherine Moore
  • Southwark runner
  • Daryl Shaw
  • Andrada
  • Maria Kostoulia
  • Southwark runner
  • Jonathan
  • Sam Lefevre


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Peckham Rye Park & Common
SE15 3UA
Date and time
16:00 - 19:00
Saturday, 6th of July 2024

Peckham Rye Park & Common
SE15 3UA

Sam Lefevre
Led by Sam Lefevre

Southwark Area Activator since Sept 2021 Ultra runner (when I'm crazy), otherwise I stick to anything under a marathon... 🏃🏻

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