The following are some general risks you may encounter when attending a GoodGym group run or community mission. Please read them carefully.

Uneven or slippery ground, wires, trip hazards, ladders, stairs, water and falling objects

There may be environmental hazards getting to the task or at the site such as slippery ground, wires, trip hazards, water or falling objects. Look out for these things and avoid them where possible. Always alert other participants when you see these things.

Existing Injuries

Think about whether you want to attend a session if you have an existing injury. If you believe that running or exercising may make your injury worse, we advise you not to participate in a GoodGym session. If at a group run and you have any injuries make sure you let the trainer know before you take part.

Proximity to others

Make sure you have sufficient space around you while running, especially in confined areas, as other runners or pedestrians can obscure your ability to spot obstacles. At the task you are likely to be working in close proximity to others. Be aware of those around you. Stop working if you’re likely to make contact with another participant. Alert others to your presence if you think they might not know you’re there.


If running in a group and you feel that you cannot keep up or that the pace is causing you excessive discomfort, inform the runners around you. You should not continue if you are in pain. At the task you may feel pressured to complete what needs doing. At no point should you rush in a way that is not safe. Always prioritise your safety above completing the task.

Abusive and violent behaviour

As with any public or private place, it is possible that you will encounter violent or abusive people or animals. Be aware of these people or animals and avoid them where possible. Alert other participants to their presence

If people shout abuse at you please do not retaliate, stay with other runners and remove yourself from the situation as quickly as possible. If alone move to a more public space where other people can assist if needed. If you feel physically threatened or are in immediate danger call 999 if you can or ask someone else to.

Please report any violent or abusive behaviour to the session leader or to GoodGym central. It is important GoodGym is informed of when this happen so we can keep track of instances and locations

Loose hair and clothing

You should wear suitable clothing for running and not have long scarfs or straggling hair. For more on suitable clothing, see our faqs.

Incorrect footwear

Make sure you wear running shoes. Don’t expect your shoes to stay clean on GoodGym sessions; often the nature of the task will mean they won’t.

Running near water

Sometimes you may run near water. If you are running on canal tow-path, run in single file and be aware of bikes and pedestrians coming the other way.

Busy streets

You are likely to be running along busy streets so be aware of people walking. Go slowly if needed. We advise you not to check phones or your watch when running to ensure you keep looking ahead.

Traffic and vehicles

You will likely be crossing lots of roads with busy traffic. Look out for your own safety at all crossings. Never assume you are safe because you are in a group.

Being left alone

On a group run make sure you are always within eyesight of another runner. Be aware of your surroundings and other people at all times. There is always a backmarker on group runs so that no-one is left behind.

On a community mission you may be running alone to the task. We advise you to always run in well lit areas where other people are present.

Unforeseen danger

There may be hazards that are unforeseen, both while running and at a task. Be vigilant. If at a group run alert your trainer and other runners to any new hazards that present themselves.

Combinations of risk

Combinations of different risks are likely to be more dangerous. Always be alert for multiple risks and alert others of any potential risks you see.

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